Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I have been reading and everyone that reads her site seems to be a bleeding heart liberal that believes in evolution and doesn't believe in God. Sad.

I posted a comment because I was so tired of hearing all these people bashing President Bush.

Here are my comments and a few replies.

Eddo said at 12:36PM, 11.03.2004:
I voted for Bush because he is against abortion. I want him to veto Roe v. Wade. Since Roe v. Wade over 45 million children have been aborted. I am pro-choice, I just think the choice begins before the pregnancy occurs. Why should the child pay because you are too stupid to practice safe sex? Religious or not, I think it is frightening how irresponsible we are as a people as a whole and we expect the government to swoop in and fix all our problems. People act like President Bush has made all these decisions incorrectly and that he is a raving lunatic, I just donít get what is so much better about Kerry. Every President goes into office thinking that he can change the world and the reality just isnít so- President Bush has had to deal with 9/11 and a sinking Economy and that Economy was sinking when he took office. How quickly we forget- it could have been President Gore which is laughable. I bet the majority of the people that read this site, which I love, and Dooce I love you too, but I have a feeling that most of you believe in Evolution or the Big Bang theory, that there is no moral absolute, that there is no God, and that somehow we just came to be, and that we shouldnít reach out a helping hand to other countries, and we should sit idly by and let everyone fend for themselves. Perhaps, you can change my mind? So far, no one has really given me a good argument as to why I should vote for Kerry. So tell me, what are your reasons?

A few of responses:

isma said at 12:53PM, 11.03.2004:
So, Eddo, this is off-topic, but you can maybe give a plausible argument against evolution, for instance. One that doesnít involve ďwe came to be because God wanted it that wayĒ. That sounds just as errand and arbitrary to me.And yes, I for one think that there is no God and specially no moral absolute, but I do believe in people and their right to live their lives as they want as long as they donít interfere with otherís lives. Tolerance is a tricky word, Tolerance means to tolerate something that you think is wrong. Thatís wrong. If you think somethingís wrong, fight it (peacefully). The point is understanding thereís nothing wrong with gay marriage, for instance, but everythingís wrong about invading other countries and killing thousends for no good reason. Thatís wrong and the world should not ďtolerateĒ it.

donnaly said at 01:03PM, 11.03.2004:
EddoIf you think that practicing safe sex is such a great idea how can you support a government ties up international aid with NOT telling people about using birth control? And letís make sure we donít tell our children about it in school because if we donít tell them, they wonít have sex at all! Right.

JustMe said at 01:40PM, 11.03.2004:
Hereís my argument. My best friend and his wife were expecting a baby. She began experiencing heavy bleeding. She became seriously anemic. The bleeding just wouldnít stop. They had genetic testing done. The baby was so chromosomally malformed that it hadnít a chance in heck of surviving outside the womb for more than a few hours of intense, ungodly pain. If the mother attempted to carry the child to full term, she had a better than 80 percent chance of dying herself, leaving her husband without a wife and her 2 year old son without a mother.
And yet they had less than 24 hours to make that decision, because one more day of gestation would have made that choice illegal in our state, despite the fact that carrying it would have killed her.
Thatís why abortion should remain legal. Because what right do you have to tell her that she should die because she accidentally became pregnant with a baby that was going to kill her?

My final Response:

Eddo said at 02:15PM, 11.03.2004:
Isma and others that responded to me, I respect your comments and more than that I appreciate the mature responses that I receieved.
It saddens me Isma to think that you donít believe that there is a God. Perhaps I am a weaker person, but when I look into the eyes of the people that I love, when I feel scraped out and hollow inside because I have lost someone that I love, when I look at the beautiful eyes of a new born baby, when I see a sunset, I canít help but know in my heart that something out there greater than me, greater than this world created the universe. I canít sit back and think that just by chance that we have so much variety and diversity on this Earth. I canít look at the sun and just be amazed that somehow it is just far enough away from the Earth that we arenít all cooked alive.
Why is it that we all have unique DNA? Why do we have different fingerprints? Why do we have unique voice tones? The list goes on and on, I believe it is because God made us special and unique. Psalm 139:13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my motherís womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, 16 your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
To JustMe- Your argument is a good one, and in that case I believe that you should do what you feel is best. I donít stand here and think that I have all the answers, I donít. But I hate to see that we kill unborn children because it is an inconvenience to our perfect lives.
Much Love

President Bush wins! Four More Years! - and now the possibility to elect three new supreme court judges and the opportunity to overturn Roe v. Wade.

My beliefs-

Gay Marriage NO
Abortion NO
God Yes
Morality Yes

And appently the majority of Americans believe the same way.

Today someone at work said, I can't believe that 1/3 of America is evangelical Christians- It wasn't the time or the place, but I wanted to say, "I can! and I am!" I am not just the president, I am also a client...


Katie said...

Eddieson, you speak with great wisdom and compassion.

7:25 AM  
Katie said...

Eddieson, you speak with great wisdom and compassion.

7:44 AM  
jes said...

I tried to comment on Dooce's website, but couldn't find where the comment section was. Will you go back and add my comments?

1. To Isma:
in my opinon, it takes more faith to believe in no God and in evolution than it does in creation. there is no way the human body evolved from a single-cell organism: we are much too complex. have you studied the human body? how every part of us is placed in just a certain spot, which makes us able to live and breathe? the placement of our heart, our lungs, our stomach---the length of our esophagus, with it's tiny "hairs" inside that protect us from bacteria? the way our face is formed, with brow bones and eyebrows in a special place to form a protective hedge above our eyes? the way a woman's spine is curved to allow childbirth? the proportion of our limbs and the usefulness of our fingers and toes? the fact that our tendons move to allow US movement all over our body? or consider our nervous system, with millions of receptacles all over our body to detect hot, cold, pain, ecstasy? is it by random chance that when the human body evolved, our eyeball was perfectly located for sight, evenly spaced apart, rather than on our big toe, shoulder blade, or inner thigh? even scientists are coming to the conclusion that evolution is less and less likely. order from chaos is not logically possible.

2. To JustMe:
I feel your pain. In my opinion, situations like your friend's are against the norm. Here are the most recent statistics on abortion (nationwide, taken from and

6% of abortions are performed because of rape or incest; fetal abnormalties, or risk to mother's health.

91.8% abort as a matter of convenience to themselves: financial, continuing education, not a great time to have a baby, partner doesn't want, parents think mother is too young, don't want to interfere with their career, etc.

This leaves 2.2% of unknown.

I say give that 6% of mothers their right to choose - i'm not going to fight their choices, particularly in regards to the health of the mother or the fetus. But i am CERTAINLY opposed to the (nearly) 92% of women who choose abortion as a matter of convenience. why not carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption? or keep him (or her)? or perhaps a family member will raise the child? there's several options - death isn't always the best solution.

9:04 AM  
Eddo said...

Jes! this is the link to the comments, unfortunately, after one day, dooce closes the comments section on certain issues.

Your comments are awesome!! and Perhaps you should send them to dooce in an email sometimes she will post them on her main page-

The comments section are on the right, under the link that says, "I take photos every day with a Nikon D70"

Lots of people posted about the election, about 2 of us voted for President Bush.

thanks for the great comments and for stopping by.

9:12 AM  
greeneagletrav said...

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9:20 AM  
greeneagletrav said...

Eddie- the thing that i find most successful about Charles Darwin is that they have left the most valuable question that Aristotle presented, and now are only concerned with what is... BEING itself. Aristotle began his work with the question, Why is there something, instead of nothing? The obvious answer to that is... "something wanted it that way." Aristotle found that what makes us happy, is us doing our function (our purpose). He reasoned that we all are aiming towars a goal and an end. And through that, we have value and meaning. With the likes of Charles Darwin and Lucretius, (who said all we are is atoms, in essence- we mean nothing more than dirt) what is to stop us from really having the fun that we would like to have. There is no meaning in our lives if we are the top-dog.

We possess no true joy, no sense of worth, all we are doing is just poppin' out babies to continue our line... THERE MUST BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THAT!

People need to realize that it is the metaphysicians and the theologians that are trying to restore value and meaning to the world that has been lost through these thought process stemming from those that have eliminated God. Which is why Neitzche said, "We have killed God." When we eliminated the idea of the best- we eliminated value.

-Thoughts from a theological philosopher

9:20 AM  
Eddo said...

Rock On Travis!

I kept trying to find the name of that book- the one about Creation that has all the little proofs about the fact that evolution is wrong- what is the name of that??

I have to go and re-read what you wrote again, it was so good that I need to read it again to digest all of it.

9:23 AM  
jes said...

I can't take full responsibility for what I said to JustMe: a lot of it came from a message of Tommy's several years ago (Titled "Our National Shame"), though I heartily agreed with it. I did the research on statistics this morning, to make sure they were still the same.

I'm confused about Dooce's site. still can't find the comments. under the Nikon thing, it's just donating or choosing random categories. am i confused? yes.

9:39 AM  
Eddo said...

You actually have to click on the link that says, "I take photos..." or click the picture next to the link... sorry for the confusion. :)

9:41 AM  
jes said...

Aha! Thank you, Eddie! I followed your suggestion and emailed my comment to Dooce. :) Muchos Gracias!

9:56 AM  
greeneagletrav said...

Eddo, try Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica.... in the beginning of his big book... he gives off five proofs of God's existance. But all he is doing is repeating what is found in Aristotle's Metaphysics... he is just throwing in a Christian twist to it....

So, if you are bored.. and what some theology/apology books to read.. .check out Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas... if you have questions... let me know.

10:44 AM  
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